Domus bonus

“Villa Vizula is a proud
member of the
Domus Bonus project”

Istrian Quality Apartments


Domus Bonus – Istrian Quality Apartments

Guarantee for accommodation quality

Apartments with a Domus Bonus certificate – Istrian Quality present accommodation units in households complying with specially defined criteria.

The program of Istria Tourist Board, local tourist offices and Istrian Development Agency (IDA) has defined standards of private tourist accommodation quality, and the facilities fulfilling these conditions have received the quality sign DOMUS BONUS.

Istria Tourist Board guarantees for the quality of accommodation in facilities with the Domus Bonus sign.

IQ – Istrian Quality

Domus bonus

The sign IQ – Istrian Quality was registered in 2005 with the intention of encouraging the development of local production, raising the quality of Istrian products and production technology, encouraging creativity, authenticity, research and development activities, innovations and inventiveness.

The IQ sign is granted to those products and services of exceptional quality, produced or offered in the region of Istria, developed as a result of Istrian tradition, research and development activities, innovations and inventiveness.

In May 2006 the IQ sign was given to Istrian Malvasia, the most famous and widespread wine in Istria, and shortly afterwards to accommodation facilities Domus Bonus – Istria quality apartments, as a guarantee for accommodation quality.

The Istrian Quality (IQ) sign was developed by the Istrian Development Agency by authorization from Istria Region.

The text is completely quoted from the official site of the Istria Region.