Roman Villas on Vizula

A large Roman villa on the peninsula of Vizula in Medulin.
Enjoying warm pools

Medulin – Wellness centre is not a discovery of nowadays. Archeologists know that very well and the latest example for this is millennium wimple that has been revealed these days. Therefore, archeologists from around the world have been making researches for 11 years. Roman villa on peninsula of Vizula in Medulin
By pulling and towing that large villa from the earth that is dating from 1-6 century before Christ, they have been composing a mosaic about ancient times of rich Romans. In the large building that was built with many terraces the archeologists have found the system that was made to warm the water and air and the system for warm cycle air conditions. That was actually some kind of floor central heating system. Small ceramics posts and also stone posts were created to support the floor and just underneath they would be setting fire. Roman villa on peninsula of Vizula in Medulin
At that part of treasure that was quite large (around 4000 square meters) there were 4 pools.
The enjoyment buildings similar to this villa had been found in Istria even earlier but this one has the largest warming system ever and was used for 6 centuries. The mosaic of the floor in the room where the Romans prepared for the pleasures has the geometric sample that has never been found in Istria before.